Carpet Accessories


Cloud 9 underlayWhen choosing your new carpets we will also help you choose the carpet underlay and accessories best suited to your home and family.  We are very experienced and will only recommend the most suitable products for you and not what’s best for the salesman’s commission structure.

Choosing a thicker carpet underlay rather than higher quality carpet is one way of making a considerable saving.  We will always offer honest advice and never sell something that would be unsuitable or unnecessary … for example a higher grade underlay will improve the longevity of even a cheap carpet.

Tredaire good quality carpet underlayThe most popular carpet underlay manufacturers that we supply and recommend are Cloud 9 and Tredaire.  A good quality underlay will improve the long-term wear of your carpet. Underlay also helps improve sound insulation and the overall comfort levels.

We also supply carpet underlay from other companies too such as Carpenters and Eziflor.  These are top quality carpet underlays and are just as good or if not better that the equivalent branded product, but at a more competitive price.

Out and About Carpets always recommend a short, compact pile carpet with a high-grade underlay.  This will improve the long-term wear of your carpet and it will be less likely to flatten, shade or show heavy foot-flow areas.  And it will still feel luxurious to walk on.  Carpets with a shorter pile are most often cheaper than those with thicker piles.  Therefore, by upgrading the underlay you’re saving money but not forfeiting comfort and softness underfoot.

Other Accessories for your Carpets

Gripper rods for carpet fittingAs well as recommending the correct carpet we will also need to consider the accessories required.  We only supply top quality accessories which are very competitively priced.  Accessories you need to consider for your new carpets could include gripper rods and door plates.

Getting the most out of your existing Carpet and Flooring Accessories

During your personalised consultation we will check your existing accessories.  If your existing gripper and door plates are in good condition then we will endeavour to reuse them and therefore save you money.

With our experience and expertise we can help advise you on ways you can get the most out your flooring.  We are happy to offer adivce and guidance as required.

If you are looking for new carpets and flooring in Stockport or South Manchester then contact David on 07766 087678 or email today and book an appointment time to suit you.

You can see some recent examples of flooring we have fitted by visiting our Image Galleries.