Competitively Priced Carpet Fitting in Stockport.

We currently have 4 teams focused on carpet fitting in Stockport and the areas we cover.
When quoting and during consultations some customers often just focus on the price of the carpet, which of course is important. But it’s not that often that the cost of fitting charges are discussed.


   Carpet Fitting in Stockport    Carpet Fitter in Stockport
Experienced fitter Dave Brown has worked for House of Fraser and Arighi Bianchi. Here he is with my son, James.

Our Carpet Fitting Prices.

Price per square metre – My fitters are competitively priced, up to £1.00 m2 cheaper than your typical high street store. Some are even higher because they add a profit on.
Furniture removal – Usually free if the customer has moved all the small easy to move items. High street stores will typically charge £25.00 per room.
Stairs and landing charge – My fitters will add a £15.00 surcharge on. High street stores will be at least double and wrap around stairs will be even more.
Delivery charge – My fitters will never charge you if you’re having your flooring fitted. But expect to pay £30.00+ with some of the high street store.
And if you look at the typical charges for underlay and the accessories you’ll be paying up to double the price elsewhere.

Landing and stair carpet fitting in Stockport

Quality Carpet Fitting in Stockport and Beyond!

You will find some retailers whose fitting charges will be cheaper than ourselves. But for the quality of work we provide, you won’t beat our prices! All my teams are experienced, courteous and fit to a very high standard. They also have public liability insurance and you only pay for the fitting upon completion.


To find out more about our Carpet Fitting services, why not drop me a line?