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The Most Unique Carpet and Flooring Shop in Stockport, Cheshire and across South Manchester.

David O'Neill, Founder, Out and About Carpet Shop, Stockport, South Manchester,

David O’Neill, Founder of Out & About Carpets

Well done for picking the best and most unique carpet shop in Stockport! And “what is it that makes us unique?” I hear you ask, well the fact is that we aren’t actually a shop! Let me explain, my name is David O’Neill and Out & About Carpets is my business. I have more than 30 years experience in selling carpets and flooring – most of that time with Carpet World in Hazel Grove but elsewhere for well-known retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Making your life easier when choosing carpets and flooring.

I know that choosing the right carpet and flooring can be difficult and so I felt there was a niche in the market to take flooring and carpets “Out & About” to the homes of the client to help make the decisions easier for you, the client. We have as much choice as any other flooring or carpet shop in Stockport, or anywhere across South Manchester, but the difference is this carpet shop comes to you.

David O'Neill - founder of Out and About Carpets, Stockport

Carpet Samples

Are you tired of …

  1. Commission-hungry salesmen stalking you in the store.
  2. Silly offers such as – free fitting, free underlay, 50% and 75% off.
  3. “Sale Must End on Sunday” techniques.
  4. Expensive pricing structures – especially on underlay, grippers and doorplates.
  5. Paying upfront before you’ve had the opportunity to inspect the finished product.
  6. Salesmen with no after-sales interest once they’ve received their commission.
  7. Artificial in-store lighting that makes matching difficult.
  8. Having to borrow and return numerous sample books.
  9. Issues with car parking.

Do you want ….

  1. An unbiased opinion that suits your needs – and not the salesman’s.
  2. Great deals – all year round.
  3. No gimmicks or pricing structures – just genuine prices from a low-overhead business.
  4. No overcharging and no quotes for work that doesn’t need doing.
  5. Just a deposit payment in advance and the full balance once you’re satisfied with the job.
  6. To have issues resolved so efficiently that you’re happy to give a recommendation.
  7. To make all your choices on-site where you can match to your décor and lighting.
  8. Samples brought to you.
  9. A choose at home service in the comfort of your own home.

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